When I started reading and researching into fertility online, I remember being confused at some of the ‘terms’ and acronyms I encountered. Being a technical person I expected the actual medical jargons to be used. But with time I was able to decipher it. It’s the language of the fertility world, and if you want to find your way around you need to speak it. Since we will be speaking this same language on here, i want to tell the meaning of some of these acronyms to you so we appreciate each other when we interact. I will not attempt to explain the terms into details in this post (there is more time for that).
Here we go!


AFAuntie Flo (period)SAHDStay-at-home dadFHRFetal heart rate
BFPBig Fat PositiveSAHMStay-at-home mumTXTreatment
BFNBig fat negativeSAHPStay-at-home parentTLTubal ligation
BDBaby danceSMEPSperm meets egg planSTDSexually transmitted disease
BBTBasal body temperatureWAHDWork-at-home dadS/SSigns/symptoms
BPBlood pressureWAHMWork-at-home mumURUrologist
CMCervical mucusWAHPWork-at-home parentUSUltrasound
DHDarling husbandWYOOWhats your opinionUTIUrinary tract infection
DWDarling wifeARTAssisted reproductive technologyVVasectomy
CPChemical pregnancyBETAHcg pregnancy testVRVasectomy reversal
DPODays post ovulationB/WBlood workWNLWithin normal limits
DTDDo the deed (sex)CBCycle buddyPG/PREGOO/PREGGIESPregnant
OHOther halfCFCstic fibrosisPGDPre-implantation genetic diagnosis
OVOvulationCOHControlled ovarian stimulationPGSPre-implantation genetic screening
TTCTrying to concieveCPCervical positionPMAPositive mental attitude
TWW/2WWTwo week waitFAQFrequently asked questionsPOASPee on a stick
AIArtificial inseminationFFFertility friendRAINBOW BABYBaby after miscarriage
BABY DUSTGoo d wishes for pregnancyFPFollicular phaseSASemen analysis
BCPBirth control pillFMfertility mucus/monitorS/BStillbirth
BFBreastfeed/boyfriendFROSTIEFrozen embyroLHLuteinising hormone
CDCycle dayFTTAFertile thoughts to allLine EyesA second opinion on a pregnancy test strip
DDDarling daugtherGPGeneral practitionerLMPLast menstrual period
DFdarling fiance/fianceeHCPHealth care practitionerLOLittle one
DPDarling partnerHXHistoryLPLuteal phase
DSDarling sonICIIntra-cervical inseminationMCMiscarriage
DSSDarling stepsonIFInfertilityMILMiotherin-law
DSDDarling step daughterIMIntra muscular injectionsMWMidwife
EWCMEgg white cervical mucusITIIntra-tubal inseminationOHOther half
FMUFirst morning urineETEgg transferOHSSOvarian Hyperstimulation syndrome
FTFull timeLAPLaproscopyOPKOvulation predictor kit
hCGHuman chorionic gonadotrophinLPDLuteal phase defectSISecondary infertility
HPTHome pregnancy testLSPLow aperm countPIDPelvic inflamatory disease
HSGHysterosalpingogramMAIMiscarriage after infertilityPMSPre-menstrual syndrome
IBImplantation bleedingMFMale factorPOCProducts of conception
ICSIIntracytoplasmic sperm injectionFFFemale fatorPOFPremature ovarian failure
IUIIntrauterine inseminationNPNurse practitionerPROMPremature rupture of membranes
IVFInvitro fertilisationPAPhycisian assistantTTCARTrying to concieve after reversal
PCPPrimary care physicianPAFPregnancy after infertilityPIPrimary infertility