There are grants available for fertility treatments! Some non profit organizations provide (non payable) funds to couples facing infertility. Example is Beibei Haven an infertility NGO located in Nigeria with a branch in Ghana. This is a link to their site ( They support couples dealing with infertility and baby loss among others. Mostly couples have to apply and meet some requirements laid down by the organization. There are countless of such grants in the united states and other parts of the world.

Also known as Tanda, Cundina or Susu, is a way of obtaining short term loans with no interests. Here a group of people form a group, each member contributes the same amount of money regularly, either weekly, monthly or yearly. At the end of the stipulated time, one person takes the lump sum. This rotates till everyone in the group has benefitted. Women waiting to have babies through assisted reproductive technology but are financially handicapped can employ this method. The amount can offset some of the treatment expenses or even pay for it completely. Members in the group make their own rules. Members could have a common goal of infertility treatment or each can have their own agenda, all that matters is that everyone benefits and all are happy.

Is a method of raising funds through little contributions from a larger number of people mostly online. Some platforms include GoFundMe, Kickstrter, Funding Africa, GoGetfunding, all these available in Ghana. It works on the pretext that people mostly like to support a cause and thrives on the charitable nature of people. Which makes them give. It operates on the logic that little amount from a larger number of people is easier to get. It has been used to fund major projects, start up businesses, some have even used it for personal expenses including medical bills and IVF. An appeal is made to the general public and a campaign is launched. Those who are moved by the campaign donate till the desired amount is reached.

You see, there are many options available to fund your infertility journey, so before losing the hope of holding your baby in your arms, why not consider any of these methods?
Baby Dust to you!