Its breast cancer awareness month, and this month we admonish women especially, (men also get breast cancer about 1%) to have their breasts; boobs, boobies, tatas, tits (whatever you call it) screened for breast cancer. The role of the breasts in reproduction cannot be over emphasized. During BD the breast is a quintessential sex organ. Knowing what to do with it takes things a notch higher. When baby comes, the breasts is the ‘storehouse’ of food. Breast is best!

Breast cancer is the topmost cancer in women. It is also among the top women killers. Apart from its fatality, it impacts fertility. The aggressive treatment options used in breast cancer treatment causes temporary or permanent infertility.
Hormonal therapy: Can cause menses to be irregular or halt ovulation.
Chemotherapy: These cytotoxic drugs can damage a woman’s eggs.
Radiation: Can also kill female eggs.
This is why it is advised that if possible, women with intent of having children in the future freeze their eggs or embryos to preserve them for the futurity, before commencing treatment.

Breast cancer can be detected early, where treatment options are less detrimental to fertility. Early breast cancer is mostly asymptomatic (show no symptoms) and can go undetected. But periodic breast examinations will go a long way to aid early breast cancer diagnosis.
Screening for breast cancer is easy. A self-breast examination can be done with guidance, or a health personal can perform it. The breast is mostly examined for lumps, change on size, change in nipple morphology, nipple discharge, appearance, colour etc.

Early this year, I discovered a lump in my right breast. I sought immediate medical attention and Voila! Everything is fine now. See it’s not that scary lol! So while we might be waiting to have our miracle baby, let’s not reduce our chances with an undetected lump which could be cancerous. Get your breasts screened!
It is better to screen and seek treatment early.