I bet the first thing that came to mind was “side chick” lol. Some friends pointed that out to me. But we are no “side chicks”. We are the main chicks to strong, savvy, sexy women like you. We are for women on a special journey. A journey not many are privileged to travel. This journey which toughens us up to face almost anything. Which draws us closer to God and man. It teaches us appreciation and purpose. The journey into holding that bundle of joy in your arms. Whichever way you take, we are with you.

We are also for the young dynamic lady who might not be ready now but wants to know about her future fertility prospects and preserve it. We are for anyone who has concerns about reproductive health issues. We are here to create awareness about infertility and women’s reproductive health. We are here to educate you and answer all your questions and demystify the many myths fertility issues come with.

We are fertility SIDEKICK. Do you remember that ‘bestie’ you had in high school? The one you told everything? The one you told about your first crush, your first kiss? The one you broke bounds with and encouraged each other to do the unthinkable? That’s us. Your sidekick is your BFF, your buddy your bestie. The one who gives you all the 411. And also holds your hand through the toughest situations and the joyful ones too. What’s a BFF if they can’t be happy with and for you? We are here to hold your hand through it all. To give you all the info about fertility and its related issues. To share your joys and calm your nerves. Whilst, we are at it, we would also entertain you with off the chart features. What are friends for? Please feel free to look around our blog.

At the spirituality page, you will find posts about infertility in the spiritual perspective. The urge for humans to propagate is deeply rooted in our spirituality. We will discourse what religion says about fertility.

We will explore how society relates to the subject of infertility. What people expect, and what the “TTCing” (trying to conceive) woman expects from the society as well.

The medical button takes us to the Biology class. Where details about what goes on when trying to conceive are explained. We will introduce you to some of the experts in the field and guide you into some of the best clinics. We will hold your hands to ride through the roller coaster emotions, under the emotions button.

We will love to also share your testimonies. This journey has a destination. Some will reach earlier than others. When one arrives there is the need to encourage others with your testimonies to give them hope. We are looking forward to sharing your testimonies, of how you fought this battle and won.

There is a vlog page, where we get entertained encouraged and educated through short videos. It’s going to be exciting! We are yearning to hear from you. To answer your questions, lend a listening ear and a helping hand. You can use the contact button or leave a comment. Don’t forget to subscribe.

I pray and hope that your visit here will be worth your while. That whatever is on your heart will be accomplished. I pray that you will find hope, purpose and peace in your journey.

Love ♥

Golda Akuffo