Afia’s Victory

Before I got married, I was diagnosed with fibroids. At that time, I had no plans for marriage, I was not even dating. I was told the biggest one was submucosal, positioned anterior to my cervix and could interfere with conception. The symptoms I felt included discomfort due to its size and the pressure it put on my abdomen. It also made lovemaking painful. I can’t forget the heavy bleeding I had to deal with regularly. However, I decided against medical advice to remove it surgically. I had heard of many women who took their fibroids out and ended up having challenges conceiving. I didn’t want to take that risk.

I resorted to prayers and alternative medicine. I took scans often to monitor their growth. Because I was afraid of the stigma that came with fibroids, I kept this information to myself. My only support was my doctor. Who would want to marry a woman who might not be able to conceive? Such issues are not something Ghanaian mothers easily discuss with their daughters so, I was completely clueless and unprepared. When I met my husband I kept it from him. I was afraid of him leaving me.

But in all this, my faith was very strong. I believed I would conceive and indeed to the glory of God, I conceived the same month I got married. I was overjoyed but my joy was not complete. When I went to see my gynaecologist, his scans showed that the pregnancy might not thrive because the fibroid was pressing on the fetus. He even recommended an abortion but I declined. He then cautioned me to keep the news to myself till I crossed the first trimester. I still kept my faith.

When we clocked 23 weeks, the fibroids started degenerating. That was the most painful thing ever! The pain was excruciating. I was on admission for five straight days. A scan was taken after the episode and miraculously my baby survived.

At 39 weeks, we scheduled a caesarian section (CS). My baby girl was born weighing a whopping 3.5kg, a wonder to many. The fibroids were also removed during the CS; A very risky procedure I’m told. My girl and I are doing very well. she turned one year this month. She gives me so much joy.

This is the first time I am talking about my experience. In the beginning, I thought my story would alarm unmarried single women with fibroids. But now I know that it will rather give hope to them. All the negative talk we hear about fibroids does not happen to everyone. Things could turn out differently for you. Have faith and seek expert help.

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