Fighting infertility is not a battle for the faint of hearts. There are so many road blocks one may encounter but in the end you come out better. Below is a testimony shared by RenéeQ a renowned Ghanaian jeweler, fashion icon, entrepreneur, self branding  and development coach. I first heard her story about two years ago at the launch of @beibeihaven foundation (an NGO which support couples on their fertility journey) in Ghana. She shared her story that day and we were all amazed at her strength and faith. When I contacted her for permission to share her story here she said, go ahead, I want a lot of people to be encouraged. She is a phenomenal lady. I pray as it’s her wish, that you are encouraged and your faith soars as your read her testimony.

Renée Q. Boateng @reneeqgh
A few years ago I remember saying, ‘O God why have you publicised my shame? Why did you make me so popular knowing what I will go through? Why didn’t you put me in a little corner to suffer quietly? Why have you put my name out there God? Everyone is talking about me.
Indeed, everyone knew my story. Whispers always all around me. The Lord said, ‘Many have heard your story and are talking, those many will be the same who will hear your testimony and my glory will spread far and wide.

IT’S ALL FOR MY GLORY’. I had been married for over 7 years… no child.

There was nowhere I would go and not meet someone who would remind me of my pain. Renée, still??!? No child!!!! What are you waiting for?
But I was at your wedding 6 years ago. Still???

Renée stop your business and concentrate of giving your husband a child.
Renée stilllllll?????

This pain drew me closer to God because there was nowhere else I could turn to. An IVF failed. 2 artificial inseminations failed. 3 painful laparoscopies… failed.

At a point I even prayed, God please give me a miscarriage at least. Please. It will make people be more empathetic. It will soften my story a bit. People will feel sorry for me a bit if I say I took seed but lost it. They will be a bit kinder… maybe.

I’ve come to learn that the Lord will never give you what you cannot carry and a lot of the time, we go through difficulties to make us aware that He alone, Jehovah God, can rescue us. Sometimes we go through harsh times, to humble us before He, God, will lift us up. We go through tough, tough, situations to gain experience in order to be the shoulder for someone to cry on. It is all for the glory of God.

My son, Senkyerene, is THREE today. God has been good to me. He changed my name. He gave me such glory and honor. He showed me physically that I am nothing without Him. He totally BROKE me to FIX me.

I stopped counting the years after a while to avoid pressure, but on the day I had my son, 25th September 2015, I counted and it had been 9 years, 6 weeks & 3 days of painfully waiting on God.

There is nothing God cannot do. Never give up!

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  1. Such an amazing testimony. TTC journey is not for the fainthearted, it is not easy. God help us all

    1. God is our helper dear.

    2. Golda Akuffo says:


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